Amazing sunrise from our room

As the light gently hit our tent, I pried one eye open to find the colours of the sky starting to change.  It was 5.30am and the dawn skies were at their best and I could not have asked for a more perfect start to the day.  I am not a morning person, but if this was the view that was to greet me every morning, I am sure that would change pretty quickly. Where were we?  Read on to find out….

We decided at the last minute to spend the weekend at The Cliff on our way back to Nairobi after having been on the road for about a week. I always think that last minute plans are just the best and this was the perfect place to end our fun road trip.  

The Cliff is located inside Lake Nakuru National Park and the newest property in the park.  As the name clearly states, it is situated on top of the cliffs overlooking Lake Nakuru. As their website state, The Cliff defies conventional labels, being a combination of safari lodge, tented camp and boutique hotel, constructed and furnished in a contemporary European style.

The tents at the cliff are positioned so that you get an amazing view of Lake Nakuru

When we reached the lodge/camp/boutique hotel in the evening (having left the amazing Marich pass early in the morning), we were immediately impressed.  From the guard who opened the gate to the welcome we received from George, the manager, and his team – isn’t it the best feeling when you enter a place and feel at home due to the staff already knowing your names?  This seems the norm at The Cliff.

The beautiful chandeliers in the reception area

With only 10 tents, this boutique lodge definitely ticked all the boxes starting from the decadent décor (especially the chandeliers) in the reception area and bar, to the strategically positioned tents, which have the best views of Lake Nakuru (especially during the sunrise hours).  It was amazing to learn that not a single tree was cut down to construct this remarkeable place – and they made from some stunning photos at night.

Amazing acacias in the night – not a single tree was cut down to construct The Cliff

Once we were settled in our spacious ‘room’, with its’ open plan bath and shower, our aim was just to chill, and sitting outside the tent watching the lake and the changing skies were perfect for this.  

Where the sky and land blend into one

The room interiors combine organic chic with international design to create an understated style of a modern boutique hotel.  The extra touches of having complimentary cookies, nuts and cold water and sodas in the room made it even more perfect.  I was also impressed that water was served in glass bottles, reducing the plastic usage drastically.  

Our beautiful room at night at The Cliff

And the stay was going to get even more perfect with the dining experience.  Being vegetarian, we usually find that the veggie options at most places we go to end up being indian curries or pasta.  But this was not the case here – every meal was different, and I was pleasantly surprised that not even one meal was an indian curry (always nice as we have this at home everyday).  In fact, the food was so fab, that even Kamal loved the soups, which he normally never eats.

The amazing breakfast spread catering to all dietary requirements….apart from fasting

We were at the Cliff for two nights, and only went for one game drive in the park, as we were more focused on relaxing, but even that one game drive was awesome with sightings of plenty of game, great bird life and an amazing sunset.  

We were pleasantly surprised to see flamingoes at the lake. The rising water levels in the lake has led to the flamingoes moving elsewhere for food, so nice to see them coming back.
The inspiration for our logo – our favourite acacia
Sunset in the park

The Cliff also has an amazing swimming pool, gym and spa, but we decided not to experience it all at this visit and leave something for the next time.  

The bar area at night

The Cliff is the perfect weekend/mid-week getaway from Nairobi, being only 2.5-3hrs away.  If you want to experience this extraordinary place, then get in touch with us at  Please note that children under 12yrs are not allowed at the property. 

When you travel with us, part of proceeds go to furthering education for children in Northern Kenya.

“A sunrise is one of the most majestic spectacles we can ever witness. Its beauty is a powerful force, one capable of imparting its warmth on the most hardened of souls. It inspires, it energizes, it renews, it gives hope.” By  Unknown