Northern Kenya has so many wonderful off-the-beaten track adventures to offer and it is always wonderful to experience another one of these gems.  Ever since I had heard about the fact that there was a community run conservancy in the big beautiful North which was focused on rhino conservation and provided guests with an opportunity to track rhinos, this has been on our bucket list.  As we slowly tick items off this long list (putting the message out to the universe about this has definitely worked), it was therefore no surprise that we saw ourselves heading to the rustic Saruni Rhino in Sera Conservancy in Northern Kenya to experience what it is like to track rhinos.

Amazing views on the way to Saruni Rhino
A tower of giraffes

Sera conservancy is one of the NRT (Northern Rangelands Trust) conservancies.  The conservancy is community owned.  As part of the wildlife conservation agenda in the conservancy, a rhino sanctuary was established in conjunction with many partners.  The rhinos are doing well and there has even been successful breeding and the birth of some rhinos (therefore increasing their numbers) since the inception of the program.This is the only place north of Lewa that you will get rhinos in Kenya.  

Apart from camping, the only place to stay in Sera conservancy is the beautiful Saruni Rhino property.  It is quite unique in its’ location and has 4 rooms (2 of the rooms are in a cottage).  The room design is of a cute banda style, with each one being en-suite and the beds super comfy.

The rustic, but luxurious bandas
Superb comfy beds for a great night’s sleep after an activity-filled day

What did we love about Saruni Rhino?  

  1. The superb location
  2. The fact that it is small and remote, so you are away from any crowds
  3. The staff – the camp employs local staff from the Samburu, Rendille and Turkana communities and it is always amazing to learn new things about their cultures.  
  4. Amazing amazing amazing (am not sure that even 3 amazings are enough) food – as with all Saruni properties, the Italian food is just wow, and the gnocchi was the best that I have had anywhere.
  5. Amazing birdlife. 
  6. The rhino tracking experience with knowledgeable guides. You learn so much about animal behaviour, tracks and the thrill of knowing that the rhinos could be round the next bend is second to none.
  7. Dinner under the stars.
  8. A beautiful swimming pool for cooling down on those hot afternoons.
The unique, stunning location of Saruni Rhino
Group photo with the amazing Saruni Rhino team
Exceptional guides making the trip awesome
The Beautiful Batleur Eagle
The stunning wildflowers of the North
Close up with Lojipu – what a gentle giant.
The cool pool – perfect for an afternoon dip.

Why visit this beautiful gem?

  1. To get away from it all and let yourself connect within and talk to your soul
  2. To experience being in the wild and learn how the rangers track the rhinos
  3. Amazing birdlife
  4. To support the local communities
  5. To support rhino conservation
  6. To see and experience some of the most amazing landscapes of Kenya
A perfect place for contemplation and relaxation
These are the amazing souls that work day and night to ensure the future generations will be able to see rhinos in the wild
Amazing birdlife
Do I have to leave this paradise?

Want to experience something different and help conservation and local communities?  Then contact us on to book your Saruni Rhino experience today.