Our Partners 

The Samburu Project

Reality and all people are happy, healthy, and educated.

Mission: is to provide access to clean water and continue to support well communities with initiatives that promote health, education, women’s empowerment and general well-being.

We strive to build a global community that connects donors, volunteers, supporters and the Samburu people, and celebrate the intricacies that unite us all. We believe community led initiatives and continued engagement drive positive, sustainable, change.

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Pastoralist Child Foundation

Pastoralist Child Foundation was formed when Sayydah Garrett, a teacher in New Jersey, went on safari to Kenya in August, 2012. The safari included a visit to a Maasai village in close proximity to the lodge where Sayydah resided for 4 days. She was welcomed by the beautiful Samburu tribe with songs and dances and was happy to join in the celebration.

Sayydah was shocked to hear this but at the same time delighted to hear a man voice his concern about the plight of girls in his community. She responded with, “Well, I live 8,000 miles away but I’d like to help you. I used to work for a homeless agency and have nonprofit experience. I can help with fundraising, write proposals and raise awareness.” Samuel smiled, pointed at Sayydah and said, “Great! YOU will be our President!” Sayydah said, “Ok!” Pastoralist Child Foundation was co-founded right then and there. 

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Seedballs Kenya

Seedballs Kenya has pioneered a method of mass producing seedballs for low cost and efficient reintroduction of trees and grass species into degraded areas in Africa.

Seedballs are inexpensive and can be easily dispersed over large areas which are often hard to reach. Our indigenous seeds, supplied and certified by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), are not treated or altered in any way.
Simply put, we are giving Mother Nature a helping hand by protecting the seeds from predators and sun until the appropriate natural environmental conditions trigger germination.

Direct seeding reduces transplant shock and helps the young trees grow stronger roots which inturn helps them grow into stronger trees. We focus on the rehabilitation of land so damaged by man’s activity that natural reforestation is unlikely or not possible at all.
Using seedballs, the reintroduction of tree species that have been partially or completely removed from their original environments is as natural a process as can be undertaken.
We assume the role of missing seed-producing ‘Mother Trees’ and leave nurture to nature.

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