Adventure with a Cause

At Kampur Travel Diaries we believe that travelling should not only enhance the life of the traveller, but should also leave the places and people they visit with a positive impact. 

Our motto is “Adventure with a cause” and by travelling with us, you are contributing to our programs that leave a positive impact on local communities, the wildlife and the environment in beautiful Kenya.  You can read our sustainability policy here and if you have any queries or would like to contribute further to any of our programs, please email us on

Sustainable travel

We are committed that travel should be beneficial for everyone and also for wildlife and the environment.  We do this in a number of ways:

1. We are actively and continually involved in programs of conservation of biodiveristy of communities, wild spaces and wildlife in beautiful East Africa.  In recognition of our work, we have won many awards including the African Excellence Awards 2024 for Best Sustainable Tour Operator in East Africa, the 1st runner award in the Eco-warrior awards for  Best Tour Operator promoting Biodiversity Conservation in 2023 and Best Tour Operator in Community Development in 2022.

2. We are committed to  reducing our carbon footprint.  We achieve this by being mindful of the way we use resources and also being actively involved in tree planting in Kenya using seedballs and seedlings and seeds.

3. Our website is verified using Green Hosting. The Internet is a huge polluter of the environment. Our website’s carbon footprint is not offset, but reduced by using 300% Green Powered Web Hosting provided by GreenGeeks.

4. We try and reduce the use of paper by sending all our communication via email and only printing documents when necessary.  We also buy paper that is coming from forests that are being replanted.

5. We encourage our guests to use refillable water bottles to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles.

6. We have a code of conduct for our guests to follow on safari.  This promotes responsible travel. You can read it here.


We have been fortunate to assist 1000 children with regular stationery supplies to continue their primary education. To date we have hand-delivered over 78,185 exercise books and other stationery supplies directly to students and teachers in selected schools in Marsabit, Samburu and Isiolo counties.

We have partnered with Mara Elephant Project in two key areas.  Firstly we are financially contributing towards the education of the next generation of conservation leaders in Kenya. We are also funding conservation education in the Maasai Mara ecosystem for the younger generation through education programs in schools so that they learn the importance and benefits of co-existing with wildlife.

In August 2023, we sponsored a Lions Kid Camp held by Ewaso Lions. The vision of the camps is to educate and inspire the future generations of wildlife conservationists through a combination of wildlife education, safaris, and conservation-themed activities and games.  Each camp  teaches children about the value and importance of lions, large carnivores and other wildlife species, the threats to their survival and techniques local communities can adopt to promote peaceful coexistence.

We fully pay the school fees for 3 children in High School and 2 children in Primary School.  One of these children is deaf and attends a school that is specialised in teaching children who are hard of hearing.

We support Adult Education in the remote Kulal region of Marsabit county by provision of stationery supplies for the students.

Reforestation and restoration of wildlife habitats

We are regreening semi-arid parts of Kenya using seedballs, seeds and seedlings of indigenous species of trees and grasses.

This helps land regeneration of degraded places which is beneficial to people, livestock and wildlife.

You can read more information about the seedballs at Seedballs Kenya.  We have thrown over 1,100,000 seedballs in Samburu National Reserve, Archers Post Area, Kalama Conservancy, Ngurunit, Mpagas, Loiyangalani, Baragoi, Kirisia Forest, Maralal Sanctuary, Lumo conservancy and parts of the Amboseli Ecosystem  The estimated success rate of a seedballs to become a seedling/tree in these areas is 10% (this is a modest estimate and in some areas we have seen greater success), so this roughly translates to 105,000 trees  growing.

We have partnered with Solio conservancy in supporting the planting of indigenous trees to protect the habitat and biodiversity of the area which is home to endangered rhinos. From 2023-2024, we have been instrumental in the conservancy having planted 45,000 seedlings of various indigenous species in the places required for land rehabilitation and our target is to assist in planting at least 50,000 new trees annually in the various parts of the conservancy.

We are also partnering with Lumo Conservancy and Hirola Conservation Programme in the creation of a indigenous tree seedling nursery and planting of indigenous trees within the conservancy, especially in areas where they have been destroyed (either by humans or animals).  

We are providing the Hirola Conservation Programme with grass seed for the restoration of vital grasslands needed for the survival of the critically endangered Hirola antelopes.


We are committed to the conservation of people, places and wildlife.

Between 2019 to 2022, we distributed food hampers to 1,300 community scouts and rangers in Samburu county  to show our appreciation for the amazing work they do.  To date 30 tonnes of food has been distributed to the rangers and community scouts. 

We are now providing other necessary equipment needed for their work.

We now also work with the Hirola Conservation Programme to assist their rangers too.  They also work in some of the most remote regions of Kenya.

Since 2023 and 2024, we have  delivered over 700 double-flasked refillable, 1 litre water bottles to the rangers of Shaba National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Samburu county, Hirola Conservation Programme, Solio Conservancy and Lumo Conservancy.

The water bottles have helped the rangers carry their tea/water (and the liquids eitehr stay hot or cool) during their daily patrols in the areas where they are protecting wildlife and communities. 

In March 2024, we financially supported the vaccination of 550 domestic animals in the Samburu area through Kura’s Pride which is part of Ewaso Lions.  These vaccinations against rabies and canine distemper disease are very important to prevent these diseases, which can have devastating effects, from being transmitted to humans and wildlife.

Women Empowerment

Access to sanitary products is a challenge in many parts of the country, with research showing that 65% of Kenyan women and girls are unable to afford basic sanitary kits.  This results in girls and women often have to resort to using unhygienic solutions such as rags (often dirty ones) and blankets.  In addition, girls end up missing school during this time – an average of four days per month.  This puts them at a huge disadvantage compared to their male counterparts.  

To add to this, girls often rely on the men in their lives for sanitary products and some girls end up engaging in transactional sex in order to secure these.  This ends up leading to reliance and exploitation, not to mention other issues like sexually transmitted diseases and early childhood pregnancies.

To date, we have distributed 420 re-useable sanitary towel kits to girls in some of the schools that we support in Northern Kenya and instructed them on how to use and care for them. This includes distribution in a special school where there are girls who are differently abled. We plan to grow this program over the coming years.

In December 2023, we sponsored a 4 day Girl Empowerment workshop held by the Pastoralist Child Foundation in the Aitong Area of Maasai Mara.  53 girls attended and the main topics covered were ending of FGM and the importance of education and equal rights for girls and boys.  The workshop was a success with the girls having a greater understanding of their rights and promising to be the advocates for change in their communities.


We have distributed over 525 footballs to teams in Northern Kenya for their tournaments on a regular basis.  Football is something that brings the youth together and fosters peace and friendship between the different ethnic communities. 

We look forward to interacting with you to curate your safari experience with us in East Africa

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